There is hope and recovery.

"Drug Courts are the most effective justice intervention for treating drug-addicted people. Drug Court can help reduce drug use, crime, and save money for all involved. Drug Court participants appear regularly before a specially trained judge who oversees their case."

Chet's REcovery Court allows participants with non-violent convictions to participate in an intensive program, which normally last 18-24 months.

how does the program work?

  • Progress is monitored by the Judge and multiple court appearances are required

  • Participants will be required to attend treatment as deemed necessary

  • Participants will submit frequent drug screens 

  • Participants are rewarded for compliance and may be sanctioned for non-compliance

Who is Eligible?

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Felons only
  • Chemically dependent
  • Must be charged in the 8th Judicial District- Campbell, Claiborne, Scott, Union, and Fentress
  • Cannot have any violent convictions
  • Must be willing to fully participate in the program- Work, NA/AA meetings, Random Drug Screens, IOP/Therapy/Halfway House, Etc.
  • Normally Lasts 18 to 24 Months

-Participants who graduate may be relieved of court costs/fines or released from community supervision early.

-Participants who fail to complete the program will returned to the criminal justice system for disposition.

For more information Please contact:

Sandy Webber, COO

CHET Recovery Court


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